LUIZ CARLOS PINTO SILVA FILHOFederal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Full Professor (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul). BSc (civil engineering, UFRGS); MSc (civil engineering, PPGEC/UFRGS); PhD (bridge management/civil engineering, University of Leeds).

Dean of Engineering (2013-2020); Head of Graduate Program on Civil Engineering (2009-2013); Director of University Center of Studies and Research on Disasters (2012-2018); Coordinator of Research Groups on Advanced Materials and Structural Tests (LEME) and Risk Management (GRID). Past President of Brazilian Building Pathology Association (Alconpat Brasil) and IberoLatinoAmerican Quality Control and Building Pathology Association (Alconpat International). Past director of Brazilian Concrete Institution and member of several national and international assiciations. His academic output includes more than 400 papers on national and international conferences, more thsn 50 papers on revised periodics and more than 50 supevisions of MSc dissertations and PhD Thesis. Coordinator of the university-society interaction committe at UFRGS.

In the field of innovation, is the current president of the council of Hestia, a setorial business incubator at UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul). He is also an invited member of Porto Alegre City Innovation Council and a mentor of Agenda 21Venancio, a strategic smart development agenda under development for Venancio Aires city. He has been the administrative coordinator of POA4D, a research project led by Prof. Benamy Turkienicz that provided the masterplan for the development of a innovation neighbourhood inspired by Barcelona's 22@ in Porto Alegre. Is an invited speaker of the "Innovation Ecosystems" course at PPGEP/UFRGS and recently became mentor and supporter of Orbita's coworking space. Is the currently project leader for UFRGS' Sibratecshop, an innitiave to support rapid prototyping for startups and SME and is also a supporter and participant of ZISPOA, the sustainable innovation zone project being created by Dr. Marc Weis in Porto Alegre.